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Design & Build Section. Photograph of a new build.


The extreme environmental conditions exact a toll on every structure. Buildings therefore need to be restored.

Technology in new materials and applications continue to improve. Consequently, we keep abreast of the ever changing condition of our industry and bring the best new products to bare for our clients.

An investment in one's building is maximized by the use of time tested methods in conjunction with the best new products.


  • Surface preparation
    • sandblasting
    • scarifying
    • hydro demolition
    • grinding
    • high pressure waterblasting
  • Balcony reconstruction and repair
  • Ramp reconstruction
  • Through-slab Repair
  • Slab rehabilitation
  • Concrete repair
  • Garage slab membranes
  • Waterp/commercial/roofing/ systems
  • Expansion and abutment joints
  • Masonry & brick repairs
  • Painting
  • Epoxy and verothane flooring/coatings
  • Window and railing replacement
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